Jan Crouch – Beyond Beautiful

When I first saw Jan Crouch on TV I remember being a little shocked … then highly amused,  and then later… a little turned on. Okay, a LOT turned on.  Ha!  It was her full, pink lips,  sweet voice and cackling laughter that drew me in and kept me watching. I’m a big fan now and even though I’m fully aware that most TV evangelism -especially the ones that espouse the “prosperity gospel”- are highly suspect, I still think shows like PTL do a lot of good in the world.  Jan Crouch is a powerhouse at TBN and The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. She’s 77, full of energy and still unbelievably beautiful. I hope she’s still around in 20 years and doing her thing. She’s the weird, pink-haired lady from TBN that everybody loves to make fun of but I’ve grown to love her and I wish her nothing but the best!  Rock On, Jan!!

Jan Crouch - Beyond Beautiful


Missed by many, many people.

Mario Murillo Ministries


My Tribute to Jan Crouch

By Mario Murillo

My father in Christ, Ralph Wilkerson said—back in the day—“we are going to be on a television show.” So, we drove to Fontana CA to a storage facility.  After driving past row after row of roll up storage units we came to one that was strangely outfitted.

A bed sheet was the backdrop.  There was a non-descript light bathing the whole “stage area” which consisted of two folding chairs.  Whenever Paul Crouch did the interview, Jan ran the camera. And, when Jan did the interview, Paul ran the camera…this was the beginning of what is now the largest religious television network in the world.

Watching TBN grow up was something straight out of the book of Acts.  Being allowed to be a big part of it was amazing.  For 30 years I preached on TBN.  For ten years we had our own…

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