Jan Crouch without her WIG

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Jan Crouch without her WIG

29 thoughts on “Jan Crouch without her WIG

  1. She is clearly not even close to being as televangelic as my lifecoach, Tammy Faye. She can just give up right now. Jan Crotch has a bland & dull look in her eye. TF was more fun.

    • What do YOU know? She’s prettier than YOU are, I am sure!
      “Lil Cin”. Oooooooo. What kind of name is that?
      Sounds like you could be the bitter gum-smackin’, tattooed cook in a fly-strewn California State Reformatory. ROTFL

  2. I am nauseated and saddened to see Mrs. Jan Crouch with what appears to be a lit cigarette. i am not concerned about the wig. I have stopped supporting TBN last year. There was an uneasiness in my spirit. I will pray for her.

  3. Does Jan Crouch smoke. where did this picture come from. She looks much younger here. Is this a picture taken before Jan was saved. Even though you smoke you can still be saved. The only thing is … in this picture she looks like she is in a club. If this is a recent picture then the side she portrays on tbn is a deception to what this picture portrays, and GOD don’t like deception.

  4. I see that cigarette between her fingers. It is so cruel of you to put this picture online when she has repented to Jesus. May God save your soul.

    You are so important to God. Ask Him to forgive you. Then start teating people like you want to be treated.

    Jesus loves you and so do I.

  5. Jan please down size your extravagant well overdone apperance. Please don’t be a Tammy Fay Baker. You have such a loving heart. Said in love Jan, a brother in Christ

  6. What a wonderfully overheated granny. I could help her with my magic wand while we both pray. And I would not care if she smokes a cigarette while doing this. I just hope she is shaved around her where-the-sun-son’t-shine. Praise the Lard!

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