Jan Crouch

Jan Crouch's Big, Sexy Mouth JPEG ICC


2 thoughts on “Jan Crouch

  1. Jan Crouch, despite whatever problem led her to her problem hair, did more for children than any of your cynical, sick readers. Yes, she looked strange. Does not the average young person with twenty tattoos and private piercings seem strange as well? NO, the world lauds them as revolutionary while Jan, who has left a suffering family, is mocked nonstop. Where is your sense of shame? This woman is dead and God is not dead but real, very real, and very aware of those who mock his servants. May God have mercy on your sick, cynical soul. You think you are smart? Funny? No, you need to reach out and do something for those in need and maybe God will bless you as well. He who is without sin should cast the first stone. And yes, sin is real as well, though love, not judgment, is what Jan would show you could she see this, big eyelashes or no. I don’t have Jan’s money, Jan’s giant hair or Jan’s eyelashes but may God give me at least half of her compassion and one tenth of her love and mercy.

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