5 thoughts on “JAN CROUCH SURPRISED!

  1. May Jesus have mercy on your souls. I have no words to compel a change in such corrupt people as you obviously are. So it does me no good to point out your tasteless, loveless behavior. I can only hope you mature to a level of intellect and character one day, that will lead you to a heart cleansing, an enlightenment. But of course, a metamorphosis can only come about when one recognizes his being is flawed and it may be your pride and ego and adoration for your apendege is far too big for you to realize what a waste of a human being you have grown up to be.

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    • Hey Nancy, forgot to take your mother’s little helpers today? Calling the writers on this here web page “corrupt”? You got something a bit mixed up there. The corrupt one is the one who buys her way into her imaginary “heaven” with the donations of thousands of poor folks who don’t know better and are not able to see the financial greed of the self-styled preacheress. She is false as her eylashes.

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