Jan Crouch Videos

I made these videos a few years back and I still get a big kick out of it! Anyone else think that Jan & Benny had the HOTS for each other? Ha!

Right in her BOTTOM!!!!!!  

I love this video below uploaded by Sephardiboi.  Upclose and Personal … and legal, legal,




8 thoughts on “Jan Crouch Videos

  1. you disgust me, whoever created this website. Not only is your mind polluted with lustful and sinful thoughts, but your dragging other people into hell with you. Jesus is coming soon and if you don’t change your ways by then, then you will have HIM to face.

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      • You are putting images up that I am certain this precious lady, her children and grand children would be very hurt and or very disturbed to see. I came across this by accident and won’t visit again. However I compel you to reconsider and rethink this. You acknowledge your perverse nature but you should not violate someone else’s image for your own personal gratification.
        Should a rapist say “I am a perv what can I say?”
        I have tried to live by a rule if it would hurt me then it would hurt someone else, but that rule really only works for people who don’t have a seared conscience.
        Sorry something happened to you somewhere in life that did that to you.
        You say enjoy life to the last comment. To do that we all need to be responsible for actions that would hurt others.

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  2. Marcy,

    You know how all these videos and doctored photographs
    came about in the first place? Sometime around 2007 or so
    I came across an audio of Jan trying to weasel grocery
    money from her ” little precious ones”. You know the one
    I’m talking about … It’s called, “Jan Crouch Wants Your
    Grocery Money”.

    It’s the first video I did and it got a lot of hits. A funny thing
    began to happen to me after that though. I started listening
    to her, watching her show …. and I began to like her, very
    much. I was also, unlike the vast majority of straight men,
    totally hot for her. It was those lips. Those perfect, pink,
    full, kissable lips. Wow. And that girlish voice. So

    I AM a pervert, as previously mentioned, and I made some
    nude fakes of her and some funny videos and posted them
    online. I didn’t think anything of it, really. I never in a million
    years thought she or her family would actually see any
    of that stuff. I mean, who had ever really even heard of her?

    But this recent thing with Donald Trump has drawn a lot of
    attention to one of the videos I posted and believe it or not I
    feel bad about that. It’s not like her reputation was golden
    before this but after the Rachel Maddow clip the level of
    ridicule leveled up considerably. I regret that. I’ve never
    met her, but have read quite a few accounts of what a
    bossy bitch she is at work …. her employees being terrified
    of her and that incident with her son Matt allegedly
    threatening her granddaughter with a gun …. well ….

    As bad as I feel about what she must be going through right
    now, the fact is she’s a public figure, subject to adoration
    and/or ridicule. She’s been in show business a long, long
    time and I’m sure her skin is thicker than you think.
    Our Jan is a tough lady and she’ll get through this.

    Meanwhile, I’ve removed the nude fakes from this site.
    I’m glad you wrote to me, Marcy. I needed to hear what you
    had to say.

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