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Jan Crouch – Beyond Beautiful

When I first saw Jan Crouch on TV I remember being a little shocked … then highly amused,  and then later… a little turned on. Okay, a LOT turned on.  Ha!  It was her full, pink lips,  sweet voice and cackling laughter that drew me in and kept me watching. I’m a big fan now and even though I’m fully aware that most TV evangelism -especially the ones that espouse the “prosperity gospel”- are highly suspect, I still think shows like PTL do a lot of good in the world.  Jan Crouch is a powerhouse at TBN and The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida. She’s 77, full of energy and still unbelievably beautiful. I hope she’s still around in 20 years and doing her thing. She’s the weird, pink-haired lady from TBN that everybody loves to make fun of but I’ve grown to love her and I wish her nothing but the best!  Rock On, Jan!!

Jan Crouch - Beyond Beautiful